Limix Suite


A collection of math apps


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Limix Suite is a pack of tools that are primarily geared towards learning basic math, though it also includes a wide range of interesting programs that are a little different.

First, it's important to mention the disparity between the way the Limix Suite interface works and its archaic design. You can run any of the small apps through the two main menus. In the menu to the left you will find the tools related to teaching mathematics, and in the menu to the right is a list of programs that allow you to do things that range from calculating exchange rates to translating phrases into Morse Code. This includes a series of small, entertaining little games that are not very difficult at all.

Of the tools that are designed to help you study mathematics, the ones that stand out are a tool to calculate the area of any geometric shape, a matrix calculator and a logarithm calculator. There are tools for just about any mathematical operation so even the least dedicated students can easily complete all of their exercises.
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